Dike Maintenance
Work Package 5

The Institute of river and coastal engineering of the TUHH is involved in the project EcoDike and mainly in sub-project 5 – Maintenance. In the future, ecological aspects for coastal infrastructures have to be considered. Here, dikes and other coastal structures are not only part of the coastal protection site but also a part of the ecosystem. Therefore, it is important and essential to understand the complex interactions between the “green dike” and the loads of the sea. It is the main goal, to achieve this ecosystem-understanding as well as to increase dike safety by applying innovative measures of monitoring, maintenance and repair in the context of an integrated risk-based strategy. Despite the fact that risk-based approaches are being developed and improved since years in coastal engineering, depth research on the influence of monitoring, maintenance and repairs (MMR) of coastal structures on the overall performance and the safety in coastal areas has not been performed. Just as experiences from the maintenance of constructions has rarely or has not been taken account for the design of new constructions. Hence, the complete process chain of Monitoring, Maintenance and Repair (MMR) will be included within this EcoDike project, as one additional module for an optimized and finally fully risk based planning approach. In general, monitoring, maintenance and repairs approaches have following objectives:

  • performance improvement of infrastructure
  • operation period improvement of infrastructure
  • conservation of resources (e.g.: cost and manpower)

These objectives can be achieved by applying:

  • strength and weakness analyses
  • standardization of MMR
  • continuous improvement to MMR

    • facility oriented
    • organizational
    • etc.

Main objective of sub-project 5 is a summary as well as an assessment of MMR programs currently applied in coastal engineering. On this basis, risk based MMR strategies in coastal engineering in general and in particular for green coastal infrastructures will be developed. To achieve these objectives, this sub-project is divided into four work packages:

  • Work Package 5.1: Analysis of the inventory of existing types of maintenance strategies

  • Work Package 5.2: Development of objective in-situ-tests for the assessment of structures as part of life cycle management

  • Work Package 5.3: Risk based maintenance approach and application to life cycle management of green coastal infrastructures

  • Work Package 5.4: Compilation of methods and development of recommendations for risk-based maintenance and classical maintenance of green coastal infrastructure.

Last updated on 01.08.2017